Physics - Electronics -

Physics - Electronics

1. When diode is forward biased, the width of its depletion region increases.

a) False
b) True
2. P - N Junction is also known as:

a) Semi conductor diode
b) N type substance
c) P type substance
d) Transistor
3. A semi conductor in its purest form is a good conductor.

a) True
b) False
4. Which one is a combination of P-Type and N-Type crystals:

a) Transistor
b) None of these
c) Capacitors
d) Transformer
5. In an ear phone a thin plate is placed in front of an electromagnet. This plate is made of

a) Silicon
b) Steel
c) Carbon
d) Germanium
6. Digital electronics is related to:

a) Four basic operations
b) Two operations
c) Three basic operations
d) Output zero
7. Current flows in:

a) Reverse biased
b) Forward biased
c) Pure Silicon
d) P - type substance
8. Free electrons exist in:

a) P - type semi conductor
b) Argon
c) N - type semi conductor
d) Chlorine
9. Potential barrier 0.3 volts:

a) Rectification
b) Forward biased
c) Reverse biased
d) Germanium
10. In NOT gate input is:

a) Two
b) One
c) Three
d) Four
11. Human body is:

a) None of these
b) Insulator
c) Semi conductor
d) Conductor
12. Electricity is provided to us in the form of direct voltage.

a) True
b) False
13. Such things which can have only two possible states are know as:

a) Boolean variable
b) NOR gates
c) AND gates
d) None of these
14. The quantities which increase or decrease continuously or remain constant:

a) Digital quantities
b) Analog quantities
c) Scalar quantities
d) Vector quantities
15. The device used for converting Alternating Current into Direct Current is known as:

a) Transistor
b) Semiconductor diode or rectifier
c) Amplifier
d) Transformer
16. In digital electronics no current means:

a) None of these
b) Two
c) Output zero
d) Logic operations
17. Silicon and germanium are examples of:

a) Waste material
b) Non-conductors
c) transistor
d) Semi conductors
18. The current in the P - type material is due to:

a) Molecule
b) Hole
c) Free electron
d) Nucleus
19. Highly pure silicon and germanium at low temperature can act as:

a) Non electrolyte
b) Conductor
c) Electrolyte
d) Insulator
20. The addition if Indium or Boron as impurity to crystal of Germanium or Silicon makes it:

a) All these
b) N-Type
c) Both types
d) P - Type
21. In radar the transmitter generates electromagnetic waves of frequency:

a) Above 40 MHz
b) Above 60 MHz
c) Above 600 MHz
d) Below 6 MHz
22. A and B are the two inputs of a NOR gate. Its output would be 1 when

a) A=0, B=1
b) A=1, B=0
c) A=1, B=1
d) A=0, B=0
23. The branch of physics which deals with the principle and means to control the flow of electrons is called:

a) Electrostatic
b) Electronics
c) Modern physics
d) Electricity
24. Germanium and Silicon are the two main:

a) Insulators
b) None of these
c) Semi conductors
d) Conductors
25. Diodes, transistor and other semiconductor devices are related to:

a) conductors
b) Rectifiers
c) Electronics
d) Amplifiers
26. The process of adding a trivalent or penta-valent impurity to pure Si or Ge is called:

a) Rectification
b) Reverse biased
c) Amplification
d) Doping
27. Conductors conduct:

a) Silicon & Germanium
b) Protons
c) Electricity
d) N- type semiconductor
28. Electrically the material objects are grouped into:

a) 2 groups
b) 3 groups
c) 4 groups
d) 5 groups
29. In digital electronics the values are:

a) Max to Min
b) Maximum
c) Maximum or Minimum
d) Minimum
30. The combination of two diodes is called:

a) Rectifier
b) Transistor
c) None of these
d) Conductor
31. House safety Alarm:

a) Output zero
b) Output 5 volts
c) Sign of bar
d) Plus sign (+)
32. Two states of Boolean are:

a) Output zero
b) 0 and 1
c) Two
d) 1 & 2
33. The potential difference between P & N type which does not allow the electrons to cross the junction is called:

a) Current
b) Voltage
c) Potential barrier
d) Resistance
34. A penta-valent impurity doped into pure Germanium or Silicon which makes it as:

a) P - type substance
b) Ionic bond
c) Bad conductor
d) N - type substance
35. The terminology of Holes is used for:

a) N - type substances
b) Pure Germanium only
c) P - type semi conductor
d) Due to Forward biased
36. A radio wave is produced by a:

a) Audio frequency
b) High frequency alternating source
c) None of these
d) Low frequency alternating source
37. Electronics can be divided into:

a) Three branches
b) None of these
c) Two branches
d) Four branches
38. the substance Mica is used as:

a) Silicon
b) Insulator
c) N-type semi conductor
d) Rectifier
39. A trivalent impurity is

a) Arsenic
b) Silicon
c) Germanium
d) Indium
40. Electrically the matter is divided into:

a) Four groups
b) Three groups
c) None of groups
d) Two groups
41. Atomic number of silver is 47. The number of its valence electron would be 7.

a) True
b) False
42. If the collector base junction is reverse biased then the resistance will be:

a) Low
b) Equal
c) None of these
d) High
43. A circuit which converts analogue signal into digital signal is called:

a) DDC
b) LDC
c) ADC
d) UDC
44. The central portion of a Transistor is comprises of:

a) Base
b) Emitter
c) Collector
d) All three parts
45. A device used for Amplification of current is called Transistor.

a) Transistor
b) P-N junction
c) Silicon
d) Diode
46. Central region of the Transistor is known as:

a) P - N junction
b) Collector
c) Base
d) Emitter
47. In conductors the current flows due to:

a) None of these
b) Free protons
c) Fixed electrons
d) Free electrons
48. In transistor Emitter to Base junction is normally connected in:

a) Forward biased
b) Reverse Biased
c) None of these
d) Connected to ground terminal
49. In p-type crystal the majority carriers are protons.

a) False
b) True
50. Various operations of Boolean variables

a) Plus sign (+)
b) Logic operations
c) Digital electronics
d) Output 5 volts
51. If a penta-valent impurity is added to pure Si or Ge then the substance is called:

a) N- type
b) Tetra-valent
c) P - type
d) Tri-valent
52. The resistance of reverse biased P-N junction is:

a) Not change
b) None of these
c) Very High
d) Very low
53. The electric resistance of a semiconductor:

a) Does not change
b) Decreases if the temperature is increased
c) Increases if the temperature is increased
d) None of these
54. In N-type semi conductor, the majority carriers are

a) Free electrons
b) Protons
c) Holes
d) Positrons
55. The process of converting A.C into D.C is called doping.

a) Doping
b) Rectification
c) Semi conduction
d) Amplification
56. The example of Semi-conductor is:

a) Argon
b) Silicon
c) Silver
d) Sodium
57. During reverse biasing the current will be:

a) Maximum
b) None of these
c) Minimum
d) Zero
58. The connection in which no current flows is:

a) 0 and 1
b) Collector - emitter connection
c) None of these
d) Reverse biased
59. Immediate communication is possible through:

a) Amplification
b) E-mail
c) Diode
d) Digital technology
60. OR operation connects two switches A & B in:

a) Series combination
b) None of these
c) Parallel combination
d) Plane Combination
61. The region between P & N type material where there is no charge is called depletion region.

a) False
b) True
62. In reverse bias, the width of:

a) Depletion region increases
b) Depletion region decreases
c) Remains un changed
d) None of these
63. If P - side of P - N junction is connected to +ve terminal of battery and N - side is connected to ve terminal, junction is said to be:

a) Forward biased
b) None of these
c) Neutral biased
d) Reverse Biased
64. Earth is a:

a) Semiconductor
b) Insulator
c) None of these
d) Conductor
65. The substance which partially resists the flow of current is called:

a) Conductor
b) Insulator
c) Semi conductor
d) None of these
66. Closed switch stands for:

a) Logic operations
b) Output zero
c) 2
d) 1
67. The central part of a transistor is called:

a) P - N Junction
b) Base
c) Collector
d) Emitter
68. Which statement is not true for AND gate when the output is one:

a) All
b) Any one of the two inputs is one
c) Any one of the two inputs is zero
d) Both of its input are zero
69. The substances in which electric current always flow easily are called insulators.

a) Conductor
b) Insulator
c) Rectifier
d) Semi conductor
70. Germanium and Silicon are:

a) Conductors
b) Insulators
c) Semi-Conductors
d) Amorphous
71. The frequency of audio waves lies with in the range of:

a) 20 KHz to 30 MHz
b) 30MHz to 40 MHz
c) 20 to 20 KHz
d) 40MHz
72. Normally at low temperature crystal of pure Germanium or Silicon behaves as:

a) Insulator
b) All of these
c) Semi conductor
d) Conductor
73. The operation in which outputs has value 1 when at least one of its inputs is at 1.

a) False
b) True
74. Logic gates:

a) Digital electronics
b) Output 5 volts
c) Sign of bar
d) Plus sign (+)
75. The number of basic operations upon which digital electronics is based:

a) 6
b) 3
c) 5
d) 4
76. Modern telephone system is related with:

a) Insulators
b) conductors
c) P - type substances
d) Digital technology
77. The types of transistor are:

a) Three types
b) Five types
c) Two types
d) Four types
78. The output of an OR gate would be 0 when both of its inputs are 1.

a) False
b) True
79. The number of junctions in a transistor is:

a) 1
b) 3
c) 4
d) 2
80. Emitter - Base junction of a transistor is always connected in:

a) Neutral biased
b) Reverse biased
c) None of these
d) Forward biased
81. The circuit designed to implement various logic operations are known as:

a) Diode
b) Transistor
c) None of these
d) Logic gate
82. Analogue circuit are:

a) Insulator
b) Earth
c) Digital technology
d) Amplifier
83. AND, OR and NOT are three;

a) Basic Operations
b) Basic quantities
c) Derived quantities
d) None of these
84. The number of valence electrons in Germanium or Silicon atoms is:

a) 5
b) 3
c) 2
d) 4
85. In N-Type semiconductor most of the current is carried by

a) Electrons
b) Neutrons
c) Protons
d) Holes
86. OR operation:

a) Output zero
b) 1
c) Plus sign (+)
d) Sign of bar
87. When penta-valent impurity is added to Silicon then:

a) Both N & P type semi conductors are obtained
b) P - type semi conductor is obtained
c) N- type semi conductor is obtained
d) None of these
88. Artificial satellites works on:

a) Rectification
b) Electromagnetic waves
c) Amplifier
d) Digital technology
89. NOT operation:

a) Logic operations
b) Sign of bar
c) 1
d) Output zero
90. Two inputs of a NAND gate are 0 and 1. Its output would be 1.

a) True
b) False
91. Which one of the following is not related:

a) Germanium
b) Platinum
c) Silicon
d) Indium
92. The output of an OR gate would be 0 when:

a) Both of its inputs are zero
b) Anyone of its 2 inputs is 1
c) Both of its inputs are 1
d) One of its inputs is zero
93. Those quantities which increase or decrease continuously with time or remains constant are known as analogue quantities.

a) False
b) True
94. A transistor has a life of:

a) 700 hours
b) 70 hours
c) 70000 hours
d) 7000 hours
95. The crystal of Germanium or Silicon with arsenic or antimony as impurities are called crystal:

a) P -Type substance
b) Both P & N type substances
c) None of these
d) N -Type substance
96. If P- type is connected to positive terminal and N-type is connected to negative terminal of the battery, then the connection is called:

a) Reverse biased
b) Neutral biased
c) None of these
d) Forward biased
97. The P - part of N-Junction is called:

a) Anode
b) Battery
c) Cathode
d) Resistance
98. Atomic number of Silver is 47. The number of its valence electrons would be

a) 7
b) 18
c) 8
d) 1
99. Transistor is used for:

a) Semi conduction
b) None of these
c) Rectification
d) Amplification
100. The process of converting A.C. to D.C is called:

a) Reverse biased
b) Rectification
c) Forward biased
d) Three basic operations
101. Phosphorus belong to:

a) II group of the periodic table
b) V group of the periodic table
c) III group of the periodic table
d) IV group of the periodic table
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