PHYSICS _ Sscalars & Vectors _ KBSE

PHYSICS _ Scalars & Vectors _ KBSE

1. The process in which a single vector is spilt up into its components vectors is called:

a) Addition of vectors
b) Subtraction of Vectors
c) Multiplication of vectors
d) Resolution of vector
2. The process of combining two or more vectors to form a single vector is called:

a) Resolution of vector
b) Addition of vectors
c) Negative vector
d) All of these
3. A resultant vector is that vector which is combined with other vectors in vector diagram as:

a) Head to tail combination
b) Tail to head combination
c) Head to head & tail to tail combination
d) None of these
4. For a force F, Fx = 6 N and Fy = 6 N what is the angle between F and X-axis

a) Less than 30 degree
b) 60 degree
c) 45 degree
d) Greater than 60
5. A 25 N force acts along X-axis its Y-component will be:

a) O
b) - 25 N
c) 25 N
d) None of the above
6. A force of 10 N acts on a body making an angle of 30 deg with the horizontal, its rectangular components are:

a) Fx = 8.66 N and Fy = 5 N
b) Fx = 5 N and Fy = 8.66 N
c) Fx = Fy = 8.66 N
d) Fx = Fy = 5 N
7. A force of 100 N is acting vertically on a body the components of force will be:

a) Fx = 100 N , Fy = 100 N
b) Fx = 50 N , Fy = 100 N
c) Fx = 0 , Fy = 100 N
d) Fx = 100 N , Fy = 0
8. Which one of the following is scalar quantity:

a) Displacement
b) Force
c) Speed
d) Velocity
9. Vectors can be added graphically by:

a) Head to head rule
b) Head to tail rule
c) Tail to head rule
d) All of these rules are applicable
10. Vectors can be represented by;

a) A dot
b) A line
c) An arrow head
d) By two parallel lines
11. If two vectors are parallel to each other in same direction than:

a) The angle between them is zero
b) They are at 90 deg to each other
c) At angle of 180 deg
d) None of these
12. Select the correct statement from the following:

a) A force directed north may balance a force directed south
b) Two forces of different magnitudes and opposite in direction may balance each other
c) Two forces of the same magnitude but opposite direction must balance each other
d) All of these are correct
13. Two forces of 3N and 4N are acting on a body if the angle between them is 90 degree then magnitude of the resultant force is:

a) 1 N
b) 5 N
c) 7 N
d) 12 N
14. when two vectors of same magnitude but opposite in directions are added together then:

a) A unit vector is obtained
b) A null vector is obtained
c) Resolution of vectors is done
d) Multiplication of vectors is performed
15. Which one of the following is a vector quantity:

a) Mass
b) Torque
c) Distance
d) Time
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