Images formed by Concave mirror Images formed by Convex mirror Induction coil Interference of waves concept Interference Thin Films
J.J Thomson Experiment Launching of Satellites 01022016 LightCurrent Logic gates_OR gate Motion of two bodies hanging vertically by a Pulley
Motion Under Gravity with or without Air friction 2 Motion Viewed Different reference Motion Viewed different system of reference Moton Diagram Newton's Laws of motion 1 Law
Newton's Laws of motion 2Law Newton's Laws of motion 3 Law Newton's Laws of motion Nuclear Fission Particle Wave New 11022016
Particles in Longitudinal Waves Photoelectric Effect New Polar Satellite 01022016 Production of Longitudinal waves Concept Production of Transverse waves by Spring
Produxtion of Three Phase Voltage Projectilemotion Projectilerange Radioactivity Experiment Refraction of Light New
Relative Motion Sound loudness Sound New Sound Split Rings Connected to battery
Standing Waves in different loops Total Internal Reflection Two bodies _Horizontal & Vertical directions Variable Capacitor Working Velocity Time Graph
wave polarizer Waves _ Longituninal Waves formation Waves Wind Power Station Working Working and EMf production by an alternator
A.C. Generator AND gate Centripetal & Centrifugal Forces in action Centripetal acceleration Centripetal force_ Velocity_acceleration
Coal Power Station Working Combined Cycle Power Station Working Comet Model Compound Microscope Concave Mirror Principal Focus
Concept of electric Field Concept of Lenz Law Concept of P.E to K Concept of Real Depth & Aperent Depth Concept of Refraction in Waves
Concept of Wave Length Lambda Consevation of energy ConstantAccel Convex Lens Image foramtions Convex Lens object distance variation
Convex Mirror Principal Focus Current_Magnetic Field D C - Generator D.C. Motor Different types of scales of temperature 02022016
Diffraction_Grating Direction of induced emf & Lenz Law Direction of Induced EMF _Lenz Law Displacement & Distance Concept Distance time graph with Speed Calculation
Double silts _waves formation Effect of Electric field on Radioactive Radiations Energy_ K.e to P Faraday_ Current produced by magnetic field Fission
Fission_final Force& acceleration by Newtons Second Law 2 Function of Split Rings_D Fusion Geostationary Satellite 01022016
Hookes Law Hydro Electric power generator Hydro ElectricDam Hydro Power Station Working Image Lens