This is a new phenomenon in Pakistan but very commonly used world wide as it is the most effective way to evaluate student’s performance in shortest time frame with very limited human & material resources

Why Use CBTS?
Normal concept about testing procedure which requires the paper, then assessment of test paper, re-checking of assessment then result compiling.

All these factors are time consuming with lot of efforts are required along with we can not eliminate the human error which is always there but in terms of CBTS we have shaped up virtual dreams in terms of reality and confined all these activities at your finger tips.

CBTS is a complete solution of you all educational assessment requirements it will be a beginning of new era in education history

We can compile your existing syllabus into CBTS data base solution and you will be in touch with the modern technology beyond the boundaries of time and human resources.

Basic requirement:
For CBTS data base solution computer lab with proper networking facility is a primary objective with internet facility (for On-line feature)

On-Line / Off-Line feature:
For your own data-base (according to your syllabus) you can use CBTS on Local Area Network (LAN).
Now it is very easy to conduct on-line test of particular board or subject any time from any where and you will obtain test result as soon as test completed.

Operating System:
Linux / Windows Plate form

Web Server: 
Apache 1.3+ or Microsoft IIS 6+ with PHP 5+

License Type:
Single server with unlimited clients connected through internet (On-line) / LAN (off-line)

Complete installation / configuration server with Microsoft Windows 2003 Server / Xp.
IIS Server / Apache Server, MySql, PHP etc

How CBTS Works?
CBTS, is a platform and language independent user-friendly software to create, manage and perform online tests.

You can access the different sections of the system:

• Users
This sections contains the forms for insert and manage users, to select them and to show the list of the ones currently online.
Only the registered users granted a username and a password are entitled to access the public area of the system and perform the tests.
It is possible to specify different access levels for both the users and the different components and parts of the system (pages, forms, sections).
CBTS also uses another security system to prevent unauthorized access based on checking the IP addresses.

• Subject
This section contains the forms to insert and modify test Subjects, Chapters, the related questions and answers.
You can select an unlimited number of Chapters that can be used together for a specific test, and for each Chapter you can define an unlimited number of questions and possible answers. Depending on the settings of the Random question and Random answer tick boxes, the system can randomly select questions and answers among the available ones.
CBTS supports both multiple-answer questions and free-answer questions. The latter will be evaluated through a specific evaluation form , while the former will be automatically evaluated.
All the descriptions of tests, Chapters, questions and answers support a particular proprietary code (tcecode) that, by using a specific form, allows the use of images and text formatting.

• Test
This section includes a form to insert, generate and modify the different tests, a form to evaluate the free answers and forms to show or generate PDF versions of the results, a detailed view of the users’ tests and the statistics of questions and answers used.
CBTS can be instructed to select, on a random basis, the various questions and related available answers, so that all tests for the different users will be different from each other.
It is also possible to generate an arbitrary number of tests in PDF format so that they can be printed and used for a conventional exam.