Teaching is not only based upon completion of syllabus about prescribed course out lines but it is a task which has multi dimensional features.

Subject Scoping

  • Examination and test schedule of academic year
  • Lesson Planning according to academic calendar
  • Course conduction according to syllabus break-up & board examination pattern
  • Class room activities
  • Balanced relation between theory & practical activities
  • Regular test conduction to monitor the student’s preparation
  • Monitoring of syllabus coverage
  • Complete coordination with subject teacher according to syllabus outlines
  • Resource development / work sheets related to the topics
  • Revision of covered syllabus
  • Support of multimedia presentation
  • Usage of Computer based testing or related activities

Normally for all above mentioned activities / planning school management team (SMT) based upon teachers especially science subject teachers (because some times SMT does not have the science domain) which design the academic planner and syllabus break-up without full-filling the balanced requirements in a normal un-skilled fashion which affect the performance of the students as well as the school so, over all results shows decline in terms of student’s subject base foundation / grooming due to which students looses their concentration with lack of interest so their exams results spoils. Also due to this factor school looses its market share & fame in the locality where it is located.

SMT should work on development of system first then apply or trained the teachers according to the designed system so that the teaching faculty should follow the system as a survey schools or educational institutes shows that the teachers turn out is 20 % to 30 % each and every year which will affect the school / institute performance because at that time SMT based on that teacher’s planning and the planning was done by the subject teacher once the teacher changes the SMT again stands at dead & closed end. In this manner SMT has to chalk-out the basic planning once again with new subject teacher.

The current period is the age of presentation and performance which needs strong monitoring for both students & teachers with implementation of sound educational system which ensures about the results orientation as well as increase the market share of the school / institute.

An Academic Coordination Team is a group of Academic Coordinators of different subjects and their job description is to design a system that achieves all the goals mentioned above. They have to develop a system of academic management and supports SMT in daily school routine academic activities

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